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Audrey Hollander

Alias: Audry Hollander, Princess Slave, Audrey Bauer

Negara: United States

Lahir: 1979-11-04

Mata: Blue

Rambut: Red

Tinggi: 168 cm

Berat: 56 kg

Payudara: Natural

Pantat: Natural

Tampilan: 1.8K

Video Audrey Hollander

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She specialized in fetish videos and has established herself as an "anal queen". She has also become well-known for double penetration and double anal videos. She is married to Otto Bauer, a fetish and hardcore film maker.
Winner AVN Award 2005: Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Video. Winner AVN Awards 2006: Female Performer of the Year Best Anal Sex Scene - Film Best Group Sex Scene - Video Winner AVN Awards 2008: Most Outrageous Sex Scene

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