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Zazie Skymm

Takma adlar: Mikki Galante, Naomi Diaz, Zazie Sky, Azazai

ülke: Hungary

Doğmak: October 18, 1994

Göz: Blue

Saç: Blonde

Boy uzunluğu: 162 cm

Ağırlık: 51 kg

Göğüsler: Natural

Görüntüleme: 5

Zazie Skymm videolar

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What kind of name is Zazie Skymm, you ask? Well, Zazie is a beautiful blonde girl who comes from the exotic Eastern European country of Hungary. Shes the type of honey with a sly smile that lets you know she is usually thinking about doing something surprisingly dirty. Do you have some time to watch a porn movie? Zazie is a good choice. She is the type to spread her legs for anyone and make it look good no matter what the situation is. ><br> Zazie is 55 tall and her natural curves will wow you. Her 34B breasts are a perfect handful, and she has a cute 23inch waist with a hot 34inch ass. Zazie starred in a porn movie in 2015 when she was 21 years old. She loved it so much that she could not stop shooting. She did some hot hardcore videos and eventually tried anal. A dick in her booty was just what the doctor ordered. Since then, she has tried a few buttcentered scenes and loved every moment. > Interestingly, Zazie is truly bisexual, and thats why there are several lesbian pussylicking scenes on her list. She loves the taste and scent of another woman, and she really knows how to pleasure a girl in the way that only a woman can. Skymm is a joy to watch onscreen, and you should keep your eye on her because, although she started a bit slow, it looks like she is on the path to success and hungry for more! Expect to see good things from this Eastern Euro babe.

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